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State of Digital Bounds

We made it to another year and we are getting our creative juices flowing again. We took a small holiday break from all the constant writing and 24 hour flow of tech news. We have set goals and refined our mission and as I said in the happy holiday post we made missteps that we are going to change and grow with this year.

In 2015 we are setting a few new year resolutions for the site and ourselves. They include:

  1. Focus on video and make the weekly recap weekly
  2. Post reviews and editorials weekly
  3. Craft the monthly newsletter on a regular basis

While these are small these will give you the readers more unique content in different mediums. The video area is overwhelming for many reasons. First off its a crowded market that takes a lot to stand out, however we have some ideas up our sleeves. The newsletter can cause issues because it will be disregarded as spam or we won’t be able to find a way to place ads on. The reviews and editorials are the easiest parts because we’ve been doing them since the start, but we want to make it a more frequent thing.

These worries won’t stop us though, we’ll push and make these things happen for you the reader. Those creative juices are flowing and you’ll see us posting on the site as we did through 2014. If you want to see certain post, reviews, or videos please please email us, Tweet us, or Facebook us.

Also don’t forget to check us out on YouTube where we will have the weekly recap, review videos, and other great content. Don’t forget to find us on Twitch where we will stream some amazing game play from hundreds of games. Do you want us on another service? We will be joining more and more this year as we find ways to give you’ll great content on these mediums.