Google partners with French space agency for Project Loon

Google has partnered with the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), France’s space agency, as it looks to improve upon its Project Loon technology. CNES said it will contribute research to Project Loon before eventually launching Google’s balloons in the country in the future.  No major details were shared by either parties, just that the two would bring the brightest minds together to work on this project. Google’s balloons will also be used in the country in the near future.

CNES has been working on balloon technology for decades, while Google has only been working on the high altitude balloons for a few years. The goal Google is to provide undeveloped regions with internet access. These balloons, powered by solar panels, would fly well above commercial airline altitudes while beaming Wi-Fi connections down to folks below.

Google isn’t the only company working to bring internet access to the whole world, Facebook and Elon Musk both want to bring the access of internet to everywhere. Now is the the future or something of imagination is a large question that these companies are testing and spending millions on. Tell us what you think about Google partnering with CNES to help further their research in the comments below.


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