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Shazam iOS and Android gets massive update

Shazam has long been the app that allowed you to discover what song you were listening to. However, Google Now and Siri both do that without the use of the app. In order for the company and app to survive, the app has a massive update that brings integration with Spotify and Rdio.  The update also brings new music charts, videos and playlists to the home screen.

They want you to think of the app as a place to discover new music, rather than just  a place to find out what’s playing. The expanded Spotify integration is iOS only for now, but Android support is on the way. Those two streaming services also power an in-app music player  for listening to what’s trending, top charts, recommendations and more.

Shazam is trying and succeeding at staying relevant in an ever changing mobile world. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new update app in the comments below.


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