LA & SF file a lawsuit against Uber

The District Attorneys of SF and LA made a joint announcement Tuesday, launching matching lawsuits that accuse the company of “flagrant and unlawful business practices,” including adding unnecessary fees and making false statements about its background checks for drivers.

Riders have “a false sense of security when deciding whether to get into a stranger’s car,” said San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, slamming the company for claiming to have the “safest rides on the road” and repeatedly stating they’re safer than taxis.

But while Uber boasted of “industry-leading” background checks that go “above and beyond” what is legally required in each city, it doesn’t even fingerprint its drivers to verify their identity in those checks, the suit says — whereas taxi companies are required to do so.

The suit also filed Tuesday targets Uber’s “misleading” airport pickup fee of $4.00, and the $1 “safe rides” fee added to UberX journeys. It says Uber drivers have made more than 100,000 unauthorized trips to airports in the last four years.

Uber has have a up hill battle with many cities, but in recent weeks its been banned and bashed for its bad business tackets. The company wanted to be more humble after it was revealed they wanted to dig up dirt on journalist because that’s what they do to the company.  Lyft has been left out of many cities targets because they’ve paid fines or they don’t have enough traction in the city to justify a lawsuit.

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