Yahoo is launching its own mobile developer conference

Yahoo announced it will hold its first ever Mobile Developer Conference on Feb. 19 in San Francisco. Yahoo has long wanted to be a mobile first and mobile leader, but the company has lagged behind others who have taken the title over the years. Yahoo has become more a publishing, front page of the web, and news outlet more than anything in past year. Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr lends to Yahoo wanting to be more of a publishing and news site more than a search engine.

Yahoo and mobile analytics firm Flurry are pushing what they’re calling the next step in mobile development. Yahoo acquired Flurry earlier this year, with some sources pegging the price at around $200 million.

Speakers at the conference will include developers, Yahoo employees and Flurry’s Simon Khalaf, who will give a “State of Mobile” address. There will also be sessions for mobile developers to attend.

The conference doesn’t have a list of speakers or what will happen during the one day, but the official tumblr page will be updated as they announce more stuff. If developers will be excited for the event, or even show up is a big question. Yahoo’s purchases could help change the mobile future or it could be more failed attempts to stay relevant.



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