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Google Introduces “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”

The system to stop bots from creating accounts on website has become unreliable, hard for many to decipher, and overall a pain in the butt. Google says with new artificial intelligence reCAPTCHA has become easily broken by bots, and something human users are finding harder to get each time. Many times its a guessing game of what letter or number is trying to be formed on your screen, but this new system will change that.

The new “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA,” only requires you to click a box in some cases. The new API, already being used by sites like WordPress and Snapchat, is open to anyone wanting to make their users sign up process easier. The system uses a advance risk analysis system to tell if you’re a human or a robot.

There is a high degree of sophistication behind that modest checkbox. CAPTCHAs have long relied on the inability of robots to solve distorted text. However, our research recently showed that today’s Artificial Intelligence technology can solve even the most difficult variant of distorted text at 99.8% accuracy. Thus distorted text, on its own, is no longer a dependable test.

If this system can help cut down on spam it will be adopted by more website developers, and help users sign up more quickly. Google says that the “NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHAs” change is already producing “great results.” If it means less letter and numbers that don’t even resemble letters or numbers than I’m all for this new system.

Tell us what you think about this new  “NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHAs”, and if you’ve had the chance to use it on a website in the comments below.