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Twitter makes it easier to report abuse

Twitter is attempting to build a safer and more inclusive social network with an easier process to report abusive accounts. The site is attempting to curve online harassment and bullying that has become widespread and common place on the budding site. The update focuses on the mobile apps which made it hard and sometimes overwhelming to report an abusive account.

The new process doesn’t require as much information from you to report a abusive tweet or account to the Twitter team. This means if you observe someone abusing or cyber bullying some you’re able to make a report quicker and without as much information. Twitter also says their is backend tools to evaluate, and to assets these tweets or accounts. The new easier process may mean more reports coming in, but it doesn’t mean the Twitter team will have more employees working on these abuse cases.


The site is also rolling out a new way to see what accounts you’ve blocked via the web based site. The page will list all the accounts you have blocked, but the site says their will be more tools and resources to help you prevent and stop abuse on the site. Twitter Blocked

Twitter makes it clear that it wants to make the site safer for everyone on the site and curb malicious groups from attacking users on the site. Gamergate could have been less of an issue if these tools, and less overwhelming way to block and report users were around. Now Twitter wants to make sure anything like that doesn’t happen again through its site, or at least there are ways to prevent it.

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