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GoPro want to make its own drones

GoPro who makes action cameras to strap on your body and jump off high cliffs, doing cool tricks, and other action stuff. People “familiar with its plans” say GoPro is developing “multi-rotor helicopters” with their own hi-def cameras built-in. These drones will launch next year (late, so in time for holiday shopping), and retail for anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

Drones manufacturers are already including GoPro cameras on them to get great aerial photos.  If GoPro enters the market and can make lower priced drones then others it can make a dent in the very competitive market. The company may face a few hurdles with the FAA becoming more concerned with drones flying in American airspace.

Drones or quadcopters could soon require commercial license to fly or the FAA could ground them all together.  While either could pose a huge threat to drone manufactures, it could also be very hard to enforce as millions of more people use these aerial copters to shoot cool videos. This overall grounding was sparked as more drones are flown closer to airports and above secure areas most people couldn’t see or normally fly over.

If GoPro does build a consumer drone it could make flying more mainstream and make the FAA more inclined to ban drone flights in certain areas and certain times of day. Tell us in the comments below what you think about a GoPro drone.