Twitter wants to buy Justin Bieber backed app Shots

Shots is a selfie sharing app that currently sports 3 million plus users. The app is backed by singer Justin Bieber and boxer Floyd Mayweather, and is supposedly in talks with Twitter to sell the company for an undisclosed amount. Since Twitter went public they have struggled to appease shareholders, and if they could take the Facebook route of buying other apps to add more ad space and screen time. This could turn the companies profits around and allow them to cut back on ads on Twitter and help push their platform the way they want to.

The increase screen time could benefit Twitter in different ways, and we know photo sharing apps like Snapchat are all the rage. If this deal does close Twitter and Shots could announce the deal close to December 15 or 16. While this is a rumor many times these rumors have some truth to them, and Twitter should like how this affects their stocks.

Do you use Shots, or have you tried the service? Tell us what you think about Twitter buying a third party app like this in the comments below!


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