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Google Introduces YouTube Music Key

Google and YouTube announced its highly anticipated music subscription service, which will compete with Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and Amazon. YouTube has long claimed the title of largest streaming network for music. Millions of people go to YouTube to share music, check new music out, and now they will be able to do it ad free.

The subscription service, called YouTube Music Key, will be invite-only for the time being, with six months free followed by a promotional price of $7.99 per month. The regular price on its broad release will be $9.99, the same as Spotify. Google Play Music subscribers will also have access to Music Key this coming week.

The Music Key brings organization to a messy system of music on YouTube. Now songs are organized into albums and onto the artist channel to help users find music easier. YouTube is unmatched from any music subscription service, and with double revenue streams of ads on each music video along with paid subscription YouTube may be the only service to pay artist the amount they would like.

Now Google has Play Music and Music Key which will give users different ways to experience music, and give Spotify, Rdio and Amazon a run for their money. YouTube is the easiest way to share music because everyone can access the music, and almost everyone uses the app on their phone.

Tell us if you will subscribe to Music Key in the near future or you’ll stick to using the free version. I use Spotify, but the only reason I’ve stuck with the service is because they have the most music compared to other services. YouTube could compete with Spotify if the UI is better, and it has a better music selection then Spotify or Rdio.

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