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Microsoft Work And Play Bundle Combines Skype, Xbox Music, Xbox Live, and Office

Microsoft is offering a new special limited time bundle that unites both productivity and entertainment subscriptions at a discount. The new “Work And Play Bundle” includes Xbox Music, Xbox Live Gold, Office 365, and Skype Unlimited World. This could bring users who pay for Skype or Office or Xbox Live a great deal if they are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft Office 365 Home cost $99 per year, Xbox Music Pass is $119.88 a year, Skype Unlimited World is$167.88 per year, and Xbox Live Gold is $59.99 a year. All totaled up the services cost $446.75 each year, which means the bundle saves you more than $247. The deal looks great on paper, but many people don’t subscribe to all of these services or want all of them. This would appeal to die hard Microsoft fans who have locked themselves into the company’s products, or users who want to try other services but never could justify the additional expense.

These bundles will only be available at select brick-and-mortar Microsoft stores. The company says quantities are limited, and didn’t mention how many would be sold or how long the offer would last. Either way it’s a great deal if you have wanted to use these services or a significant discount if you already are subscribed to many of them.

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