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Google is Changing BookMarks in Chrome

Bookmarks are an archaic system, which hasn’t change much since its early days. Google is hoping to add some modern features to Bookmarks in Chrome via a extension cleverly named Google Bookmark Manager. The extension switches out the boring and unappealing links, urls, and small website icons for grid views that includes screen captures of the webpage. Google will also bring its powerful search engine into play, allowing users to search through their bookmarks. The search won’t just search titles and urls but through the website contents within your bookmarks.

Google will also attempt to help you organize your bookmarks into smart folders based on similar topics. Google will still use the age old favorite button where you will be able to add to a folder, change title, and add notes. Overall Google is making it look better and easier to bookmark and search within those bookmarks.

Google hasn’t officially announced this new bookmark manager so this may be a public test for the rumored Google Star or Google may be doing a soft launch as they did with the new Google Hangouts extension. If you use Chrome, which a lot of people do, we would love to hear if you will install the extension or pass.

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