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Gmail for Android 5.0 May Support Other Email Services

Google’s making changes to Android and the apps that live on the mobile operating system. Google’s material design not only looks great but it makes using the apps easier and much more fluid. Google appears it want to make Gmail’s app a universal mail client on Android so you can not only check your person gmail but your work accounts and other personal email accounts.

Google hopes to allow Yahoo, Outlook, and other mail services to hook into Gmail’s app much like a Gmail account. This would mean Google’s other mail client on Android would be axed for a universal one included in Gmail. This change could be a similar move as the company made with Hangouts acting as the default sms client. In Android Lollipop the default sms app could no longer be Hangouts but a separate ┬ásms app that does not include hangouts messaging service.

Overall it sounds like a great idea, but it makes us wonder if Google is making this move so it can scan other email accounts like it does with Gmail. This would allow the company to better understand you, make Google Now smarter, and serve better ads with them. They may not be able to as easily skim other email accounts, but Google still may want to try if it means more money.

Tell us what you think about Google supposed move and if you’d use the Gmail for other companies email accounts.