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Get Your Free Copy Of Dragon Age Origins Right Now

In an awesome steal of a deal, EA’s bringer-of free-games, a.k.a. its on the house promotion released Dragon Age Origins, allowing people everywhere to get the game as a free PC download. This promotion comes just a month ahead of Dragon Age Inquisition’s release, set for sale on November 18th

And although the hype for Inquisition seems very exciting- it’s dubious to assume that it will live up to player’s standards. After all, Dragon Age Origins is the first and highest-rated game of the Dragon Age series by most outlets (It won IGN’s PC Game of The Year in 2009). While inquisition remains to be seen, there’s no  debate  that Origins features an awesome storyline for hardcore fantasy nerds and gamers alike- and did we mention it’s free?

In case the whole it-costs-no-money-thing isn’t enough here’s a video review of Origins by IGN.

You can get your copy here, and we encourage that you don’t wait…the deal closes on October 14th, but once it’s added to your origins library, you can access it at any time.

Happy trails, heroes!

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