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Evernote Just Got Smarter

Evernote CEO Phil Libin unveiled a series of new offerings, including new collaboration and presentation tools, at the company’s EC4 conference in San Francisco on Thursday. The web version of Evernote was clunky and slow at times, and it was very behind on web standards. Evernote is no longer just a note taking app but a productivity notebook that allows you to do much more then jot down a short note.

Evernote’s flagship app is gaining two new features called Context and Work Chat. Context will┬ápull the content from sources such as The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Fast Company. Context will also show you related work you or your colleagues may have done in the past. This feature will be available next month.

Work Chat is a set of new collaboration and chat tools that pop up when multiple collaborators are viewing shared documents at the same time. It also allows collaborators to chat within shared documents, similar to Google Drive’s chat features.

Libin said Work Chat is meant to reduce its users’ dependence on email.

“The inbox metaphor made sense when you were talking about physical mail,” Libin said. “It never made sense for email. We are trying to break the tyranny of the inbox.”

Both Context and Work Chat will available on Evernote’s iOS, Android, Mac and web app later this year.

Evernote also rolled out a brand-new app called Scannable that essentially lets you scan images directly from the Evernote Edition ScanSnap scanner to your Evernote account.

Overall Evernote is trying to make paper a thing of the past by building even better ways to write, store information, and take notes. The app has become more useful since the simple beginning. Tell us what you think about these new features and update web app in the comments below.