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Photoshop for Chromebooks Begins Beta

If you’ve eyed a Chromebook in recent months a big drawback may be the lack of app support or that almost everything is based on the cloud. Google has Google Drive which allows you to edit documents, powerpoints, and excel documents all from the cloud. Now Adobe is going to start beta testing a online version of Adobe Photoshop for Chromebooks.

A cloud-based streaming version of the creative software will be available for Adobe Creative Cloud education customers in beta form, and there is no word on when everyone else can opt in. This version of Photoshop is designed to run on Chromebooks straight from the cloud and packs in Google Drive integration for easy file management. The rest of¬†Creative Cloud is said to follow, however this trial run only includes the popular photo-editing app. As is usually the case with testing phases, there’s no clear indication as to when this version of Photoshop will see its widespread release.

I’m unsure how well the app will work, but Adobe has recently pushed Photoshop onto mobile which many graphic designers and photographers love. I personally want to see Adobe Premiere available¬†not only on mobile devices but Chromebooks. I will try and test Photoshop on a Samsung and Acer Chromebook to see how the program performs.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Photoshop coming to Chromebooks, and what you think that means for Windows and Mac.

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