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Apple May Shut Down Beats Music

Apple’s purchase of Beats music shocked many and still has many wondering what Apple has planned for the streaming and hardware side of Beats. Apple didn’t ditch iTunes Radio, force install Beats Music on iOS 8, or even really push the brand beyond buying it. New reports coming from TechCrunch claim that Apple is preparing to shutter the service and move the technology into iTunes in some way.

This change has no effect on the hardware side, and Apple wants to use the smart mood discovery in iTunes.¬†According to sources speaking to TechCrunch, many of those working on Beats Music have since been shifted to other projects, including iTunes. Beats Music doesn’t have the reach and name recognition that iTunes current has. The app has had poor support from customers, lack of access to music, and for $10 a month there are much better options.

Currently iTunes Radio works like Pandora, which doesn’t let users pick what songs they want to play. iTunes could benefit from a Spotify competitor, and it’s likely that Apple could forge exclusive deals with music labels that companies like Spotify or Rdio have not been able to land. On top of that, the streaming service would have access to million of iPhone users and could beat giants like Spotify for daily users.

While this is just a report it sounds likely and a smart move for Apple to make in the coming months. This move could also help slipping album sales, as more users turn to streaming and buying singles. Tell us in the comments below what you think about Apple shutting down Beats Music in favor of iTunes.

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