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Jolt Allows You to Wirelessly Charge a GoPro

I love my GoPro, and actively use it daily for capturing simple videos or in a harsh environment. The biggest hassle and complaint about the GoPro would be removing the camera from its housing in order to charge it. I don’t need to remove the camera for any other reason, the camera is wifi and allows me to download and look at the pictures on my phone or tablet. However, I am not the only GoPro users that has this complaint. A KickStarter campaign named Jolt wants to add wireless charging to any GoPro with just changing out the batteries.

Wireless charging hasn’t taken off just yet, but more phones have started to include the technology to make the users lives much easier. Jolt would allow you to throw the battery in one time and then throw the whole camera on the charger without needing to take it out of its housing. This means when your shooting video around water, sand, or dirty you don’t want to clean up and take the camera out to charge it. You will just throw it on the charger, and two GoPro’s can fit on the wireless charger at once.

The campaign is asking for backers to pledge $98,000 to fund the project so they can make these a reality. Right now only 7 backers have pledge a total of $572, but it still has 40 days till the campaign closes. I am going to back the campaign because this is something that will be useful and save me so much time and hassle with my GoPros. The Jolt Battery works with the GoPro 3 and GoPro 3+, and can be powered using a auto plug when your on the go or when you’re at home you can use a normal power outlet.

The company hopes to have a full production launch around March 2015, with their backers getting their models around the same time. While in the past year we’ve seen a lot of campaigns fail to deliver it appears that the company has working models, and they have a great road map for when everything should fall in place. I’d highly recommend checking out the project and if you own a GoPro backing the campaign to get one of these wireless chargers.

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