Apple Announced the Apple Watch

The long rumored and highly anticipated Apple Watch has been finally announced! Apple has taken a different approach to the smartwatch then other have taken. The UI for the Apple Watch is totally new, and Tim Cook was very careful to note it is not a shrunken iPhone UI. You won’t be doing things like pinch-to-zoom, or typing. The iWatch is also meant for health info gathering, and will work with Apple’s HealthKit and Health app.

The rectangular-shaped smartwatch can be personalized beyond the interface, with six different straps and a mechanism that makes them interchangeable. The device comes with a custom-designed chip — the S1, which is below the haptic sensor.

Tim Cook announced the product with the iconic “one more thing” phrase used by Steve Jobs during special launches. It was the first he’s used the saying since Jobs’ death.

“It’s the next chapter in Apple’s story,” he said.

The Apple Watch also has a Retina display, covered in Sapphire. Apple says it’s “flexible”, which speaks to its touch capacity. It can sense touch pressure and type, meaning you can interact with your watch beyond how you do with a smartphone. The watch starts at $349 and ships early 2015.

Will you want to pick up an Apple Watch or would you rather use a different smartwatch like the Pebble or Moto 360? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



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