Apple’s Already Improving iCloud Security

After celebgate Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said the company would start to improve iCloud security to prevent future hacks like this. As first spotted by Mac Rumors, Apple is now sending out email alerts to users when someone logs in to iCloud accounts from the web. I love being notified but I feel like Apple could use the Find My iPhone to send push notifications when you log in. This would allow you to keep track of it on your iPhone which you most likely always use.

Apple already sends alerts to users when a password is changed, a verified device is added or deleted, or a new recovery key is generated. Apple needs to improve their two factor authentication to ensure it actually works. Tomorrow Apple is expected to release a new iPhone with an iWatch which could be used as security feature for a upcoming mobile payment system.

Apple needs to focus on their security as more and more companies are hacked and secure information is stolen. Do you think this email notification is enough or should Apple take more steps to secure their online cloud? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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