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Buy The Motorola Moto 360 Now

Motorola revealed all the details on Thursday in Chicago, setting the list price at $249 and putting it on sale Friday at select retailers including Best Buy.The 360 from Motorola is one of the most anticipated Android Wear devices yet, mainly because its round screen and beautiful design. The price is at a point that many consumers may overlook the price and just buy the hyped smartwatch.

When you first put the watch on you’ll notice how large the Moto 360 is. The Moto 360 is 46 mm in diameter by 11mm deep. Pebble’s Steel smartwatch is slightly thinner, but actually heavier than the Moto 360. The watch will also be receiving metal wrist bands in silver and black coming this fall. The metal bands with the watch will cost $299, but for current buyers you’ll be able to buy the metal bands for $80 each.

The watch sports wireless charging, which means you can toss the watch on the charger at night instead of fiddling with plugging a micro-usb cable in. The company says the battery on a full charge will last a whole day, but we will have to see once consumers start buying the device today. The device is a high end watch, but sports a price tag similar to the Pebble Steele. Android Wear however is more cable than the Pebble line of smartwatches. The Moto 360 requires that you constantly run the Android Wear app on your phone, and also use bluetooth to transfer data. This can put a huge drain on a smartphone and even if the watch can make it a whole day a phone may not be able to.

These new smartwatches are starting to look better and appeal to more consumers, but do people really want smartwatches? Tell us in the comments below if you’ll be buying a Moto 360 later today or you’ll pass till these watches progress a little more?