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Reddit Pushes out Ask Me Anything App

Reddit’s known by many in the public as a place where nerds discuss technology and their daily lives. A popular part of the website has become Ask Me Anything series, where celebrities to  politicians are asked a series of questions from fellow redditors. This mobile app is Reddit’s second attempt in the mobile market after their ill-fated app failure in 2011.

The app is currently available on iOS in Apple’s App Store, and will be coming soon to Android. Reddit is massively popular on the desktop, however on mobile its been unable to gain the same presence as its desktop counterpart. Reddit’s mobile presence has been dominated by third party apps which all have different UI’s and feels. Ask Me Anything posts, more commonly known as AMAs, are among the most popular and mainstream-friendly parts of Reddit.

The app’s design is very different to Reddits minimal and clean look for more aesthetically pleasing design. The app doesn’t require the same understand as the desktop homepage which can be overwhelming and feel cluttered. A swipe to the left or the right toggles between different AMAs. The app also features the ability to forward links to AMAs via text and email, as well as post them to Facebook or Twitter.

With people like the President of the United States participating an app dedicated to AMA’s could bring more users into using the service and boost the already high user base. Will you take advantage of Reddits new app or do you think the app is too different from the desktop version of Reddit? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Reddit Pushes out Ask Me Anything App”

  1. I want to like reddit but I think they badly need a redesign and official apps for the overall service (not just one feature). This AMA app is definitely a start though.

    Side note, I’m surprised that some companies are still releasing apps on iOS first. Smaller user base testing or just biased developers?

    • I I love reddit but that utilitarian design makes reddit well reddit. I do love this AMA app because it’s easy to use and beautiful.

      The iOS exclusive may be developers know iOS users are going to download because it’s an exclusive. Also I think it’s hard to develop for both platforms at the same time and iOS is just the go to os.