Instagram Introduces Hyperlapse to Create Time-Lapse Videos

Instagram introduced a new standalone video recording app that allows users to create time-lapse videos. The app gives users the technology to record high-quality, stable time lapse videos on their mobile devices. The app makes creating time-lapse videos easy and inexpensive. Traditionally time-lapse videos required expensive equipment or a lot of patience.

The app is fairly bare bones with only a button to start recording your time-lapse video. Once recorded the default speed is 6x, but you can bump it as high as 12x, or as low as 1x. The app is currently only available on iOS, but Instagram said there would be an Android version ‘soon’. However the company has said there isn’t the low level API’s available to allow the app to create the great stabilized time-lapse videos.

The app is very powerful and is meant to create causal videos when your going on a hike, catching a storm roll in, or biking around town. I’ve had some time to play around with the app and so far its dead simple to use and creates great videos you’d normally not be able to create. I’ll be posting some videos in the near future onto my Instagram, but I’d also love to see any videos that you create by leaving a link down in the comments section!


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