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Snapchat May Introduce Disappearing News

Snapchat is a service where you can send pictures or videos that disappear after only a few seconds. I use the service everyday now to communicate with friends and family in a causal manner that includes pictures.  Snapchat has yet to monetize the service but it appears they are actively working on it.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Snapchat has been holding discussions with media companies and advertisers about a new service known as “Snapchat Discovery.” This service would allow you to read news, view ads, and other media content in a way that disappears once you’re done with the content. One way could be a news segment being sent to you each morning and once you’re done with the video it will disappear. The company has tested sending stories based on events during the World Cup and many users enjoyed the snaps but many users also hated their stories being flooded with content they didn’t want.

The update that will include Discovery isn’t supposed to come out till November so for now Snapchat will be the same app you love. Now some question if the company will release a standalone app for this service much like Foursquare released Swarm to only handle check ins while the main Foursquare app is for discovery. The wild popularity of the app would make sure users started using the discover feature right away, but we will have to wait and see what the company does come November.

Would you follow news and other brands on Snapchat? I know Taco Bell, Mcdonald’s, and other sports teams have joined the service but soon the company could be charging them to reach your phone. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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