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Foursquare’s Total Redesign

Foursquare’s been in the process of moving its original app idea of checkins and mayorship to the swarm app. This left the main Foursquare app without much purpose, but the company plans on making it into a cool app that can help you discover places around you. The app isn’t ready for the public just yet, but they’ve given us a look at what will come.

The app will offer personalized experience based on your own interests as well as your location.  You’ll be able to follow friends and get recommendations based upon where they’ve been. The company promises it will learn more about you the more you use it, which will allow for better recommendations of places to view. Now how well this new recommendation engine will work and how exactly it will offer up recommendations is still unclear.

The wait for the new Foursquare app may hurt the company in the long run, because now the company will have to manage two different apps instead of the one. If you install both apps on your phone, you’ll see the swarm check in button appear on the different places around you. Currently I can only use Swarm because the original Foursquare app does what swarm does now.

This delayed roll out has upset and hurt the company’s reputation, and the continued issue of two apps could further bring app usage down. In the next few weeks we will see the two apps compliment each other and bring back long time users.  Tell us in the comments below what you think about Foursquare and Swarm.


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