Amazon Releases Amazon Wallet

Have you given Google Wallet, Apple Passbook, or Iris a try and nothing has met your needs? Amazon recently released a Wallet app to compete with other companies offerings. Amazon wallet will allow you collect your gift cards, loyalty programs, and membership cards in one place and will sync across different devices. They will be linked to your Amazon account, which means if you switch from the iPhone to a Android powered phone your cards will sync over.

There’s another added benefit with Amazon’s service in that your other, far more important financial info is likely already part of Amazon’s system and connected to your profile. As a result, when you browse Amazon Wallet through the web, all that extra payment info is all in the same place.

Right now its only in beta and its unclear if Amazon will bring it out of beta ever. The app has Amazon’s security and backing for users reassurance. The app is half baked and that’s why Amazon is letting users test the app before it goes mainstream on everyones phones. Are you going to switch from another service to Amazons own offering?


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