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Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Review

The Misfit Shine isn’t just another fitness tracker. The Shine is a minimal yet stylish wearable device that is waterproof and can be used while swimming. The minimal design doesn’t display much information beyond progress, but the tracker doubles as a neat watch. The Shine is one of the most eye-catching fitness trackers that I’ve seen, and many of my friends have jumped on the stylish design themselves. Considering that you’ll be wear the tracker all the time you would want something stylish that you can wear to different events, and many trackers like the Fitbit don’t appeal in every situation. The Jawbone Up has taken a stylish look from the start but looks more like a bracelet, while the Shine looks like a watch or pendant.

The shine is also a little smarter than other trackers on the market currently. The Shine is able to track when you fall asleep instead of having to physically tell the device you are going to go to sleep. The device also is able to recognize when you wake up at night to go get water or start tracking steps once you wake up in the morning. With the Fitbit Flex you have to notify you’ll be going to sleep, and in the morning you’ll have to remember to turn off the sleep mode. The Shine doesn’t allow you to log sleep if it doesn’t catch it, but its scary accurate for tracking sleep. If you’re like me and would forget to tell the tracker that you’re going to sleep then I would recommend the Shine.

The ability for the shine to realize when you’re sleeping isn’t the only thing its able to do. The tracker is able to go in when you want to go swimming, and it will track your swimming. The Shine is also able to recognize when your walking, running, and you can tap the face plate three times to log other activities. The Shine did sometimes mistake my walking for running or other activities for running. The Shine does appear to be accurate compared to the Jawbone Up and the Fitbit Flex. It would get similar counts for steps on most days, but on occasion the Shine would under count compared to the other trackers.

The battery life is rated for 6 months, however before you go that’s amazing. The battery is one you’ll have to go to Target or a battery to get and cannot be recharged by a usb cable. A new battery for device should only run you 10 bucks, but then again you can always order the battery from Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep. I’ve only had the device for review for two weeks but I’ll be sure to have an update once I have to replace the battery.

The Shine is a great device for anyone who swims often, because other fitness trackers are only waterproof to a point. The Shine encourages you to wear the device 24/7 while you do everything. I’d recommend the Shine to anyone who wants something that can be used in all different situations. I love the look, and it syncs wirelessly with bluetooth. It works with iPhone and Android’s running 4.0+.

If you want to purchase the Shine jump over to Amazon, the Shine will only run you $99, Which compared to other fitness trackers is a deal.


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