Twitter’s Updating How Manage Direct Messages on Mobile

If you’ve used Twitter for long enough you’ve sent a few direct messages through the service. The direct messaging isn’t anything special, and really used as a way to get more contact info to have a conversation on a better messaging app. Twitter has had rumors swirling that the company might spin their dm into a separate app, but nothing has been done to move that forward. Syncing between mobile, desktop, and multiple devices can create a headache for anyone.

Twitter sent a tweet out saying that it’s rolling out an update to make deleting DMs “more consistent” across web and mobile over the next few weeks. What’s more, Twitter says that it’s working on an update to bring your entire DM history to the Android and iOS apps as well.

Tell us what you think about Twitter beefing up there dm’s. Also do you think Twitter spinning out there messaging service is a good idea or something that will fail in the water.



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