Airbnb Redesign for Desktop and Mobile

Airbnb unveiled a new design for its site and apps yesterday. The new design focuses on images and videos to showcase the room/rooms for rent. It’s designed to guide you straight to the best option available, while also offering an improved experience for hosts looking to rent out an extra room. Airbnb is pushing to become a cheap alternative to conventional hotels that make booking difficult and many times impersonal or expensive.

The site now features people relaxing, neat locations, and recommends top locations for travelers. The site now makes for an easier, hassle free booking process. The site  has also improved upon the process for people to list their space on the site, which means more places for travelers to pick from. The listing now feature larger images, videos, and a place to organize all the information for a place. The neighborhood map is also larger and neighborhood details have a prominent spot as well.

The site and mobile app now look cleaner and are much easier to use for both travelers and people listing their places. With more and more people jumping on the idea of Airbnb this could not have been a better time for a full redesign of the site and app. This will hopefully boost people booking places and people listing their places. You can find cheap but beautiful places to stay via the site, and many times they are better than staying at an overpriced hotel.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the new Airbnb redesign, and if it will make you want  to start using it.


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