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Google Loses Google Glass Creator to Amazon

Babak Parviz, a Google X director who helped build and create Google Glass and more recently smart contact lenses, announced via a Google+ post he will be leaving the company for an undisclosed role at Amazon. The move was first teased over the weekend in a post on Parviz’s Google+ page, followed by an update to his Google+ profile noting that he “led a few efforts at Google … prior to moving to Amazon.”

Amazon has been working on new products like the  Amazon Fire Phone which has cutting edge specs and a unique take on the smart phone. However, Amazon has struggled to make any huge changes to the market with their products recently. Amazon is pushing there service offerings by offering hardware to close off their ecosystem in a way Google and Apple have both done.

While Google Glass has made waves in the news the company hasn’t set a road map for mass production of the product yet. Many people believe Google will offer a consumer version soon, but infrequent and vague statements from Google don’t lend these rumors a lot of confidence. What Mr. Parviz will do at Amazon is still a mystery, but it should be interesting considering what Amazon has been working on recently. Maybe we could see an Amazon Glass very soon, so you’ll be able to buy right from your face.

Tell us what you think about this move and what Amazon would want him for in the comments below!