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Snapchat Test Location Based Stickers

Snapchat is growing everyday, but the company still doesn’t have a way to turn a profit. While brands are following the teens onto the service, Snapchat has yet to find a way to make money off these interactions. Adding stickers for brands could be a way for Snapchat to make money while not displaying annoying ads that could cause many users to flew the popular service.

As discovered by Mail Online, Snapchat has begun offering some users the opportunity to add special stickers to their photos based on their where they are. Some Snapchatters have gained access to filters that shower them with dollar bills when they are in New York’s financial district, while others have shared stickers that can only be unlocked inside popular US airports. We know that Snapchat has been working with brands to add their logo to images or videos for specific events, but these new stickers could provide an easy way to share a user’s location visually, instead of checking in.

Whether we will see stickers for McDonald’s or Taco Bell is yet to be seen. However, this is a great way to have companies market to other teens without intrusive ads or forcing anything on the user. Tell us what you think about these location based stickers in the comments below.

Source :

Daily Mail