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Chromecast Bringing Some Big Updates

The Google built Chromecast has become one of the most popular streaming sticks and ways to watch tv, movies, other videos. The device is the top selling on sites like Amazon, and Google has been talking steps to make app discovery for the Chromecast easier. Google said users will always have control over what and who can cast to your TV. But if you don’t trust someone with your Wi-Fi password, you can simply press a button to allow nearby devices to cast. 

Chromecast is also getting a new ambient experience, meaning you can personalize your feed to better match your tastes. Not a huge deal, but certainly makes the device and experience more personal. You can even add your very own photos straight from, where else, Google+.

And when you’re not actually using your Chromecast, there’s a neat new feature called Backdrop, which basically shows a mix of news, weather and photos to your TV when you’re not Casting. If something of interest shows up in Backdrop, you can say. “What’s on that Chromecast,” and it’ll do a Google search and tell you. Whoa. Backdrop is scheduled to be available later this year.

Finally, Google also said Android device can now be mirrored to your TV. There’s a new “cast screen” button, and google said latency and frame drops have been reduced for a super slick experience. Google says you can mirror anything, even your camera app; samsung, Nexus, HTC and LG will support this new feature.