Amazon Prime Music Released

Amazon officially released Amazon Prime Music which enables Prime subscribers to instantly stream over 1 million songs. Amazon won’t have access to new songs, and will allegedly have to wait 6 months for new songs.  This makes the Prime Music less appealing than services like Spotify which have over 20 million songs in its streaming library. The Music streaming brings Prim subscribers more value since the increase of price to $99 a year.

Amazon 1 million songs won’t include any ads, and their currently Amazon doesn’t offer any free radio like Rdio or Spotify. Prime Music users can pick what tracks they want to listen to or they can choose from 50 different playlist that fit specific moods much like Beats Music service already does. In Amazon fashion they will recommend different songs to listen to based on your listening habits. Prime members will also have the ability to store songs for offline playback when a Wi-Fi or mobile signal isn’t available.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber just head to If you’re not a Prime subscriber this is another reason to get the service which also brings free shipping, instant movie streaming, and much more for only $99 a year. While Amazon is still missing a lot of music it might be apart of their plan to push more music purchase along with streaming older titles.


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