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Amazon’s June 18th Mysterious Event

Amazon has created quite the buzz on the internet over its mysterious June 18th event in Seattle. Members of the press aren’t the only ones invited to the event in Seattle on June 18. Amazon customers and developers can request attendance, too. Amazon’s been rumored to release a a 3D glass free phone, and with the YouTube video they post it might just be a 3D phone.

First, it features user reactions who say things like, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Others marvel at how “it moved with me” and “it’s very real life.”

The video doesn’t show any hardware, but it does give hints on how something moves with it and how real it looks. If you’re a customer or developer sign up so you can be at the event when Amazon announces their new hardware. This event is fairly surprising considering they just released the Fire TV only a few months ago.

Tell us what you think we’ll see at the June 18th event in the comments below!