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STM Impulse Backpack Review

I’ve never looked at backpacks as more than just that: a pack that goes on my back. Utilitarian. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a laptop backpack from STM  which may just change my mind about what makes a quality backpack. The backpack at first glance is thin, small, and stylish, but it’s not just a fashion accessory: it’s useful too. It’s been designed with geeks in mind, with a laptop and tablet compartment. The backpack makes organization easy, something that is uncommon for me, considering the amount of gear I like to tote around. The bag also isn’t too hard on your wallet, unlike some other bags built for electronics. It will run you anywhere from $75 to $100, which is well worth it for a bag of this caliber.

As I said the backpack has a laptop slot that fits most 15 inch laptops, and the tablet compartment will fit a iPad or any 10 inch tablet.The bag is padded to ensure your electronics are protected from being dropped or bump. Now there is another compartment to hold papers, folders, or books, but it’s spacious enough where you could even throw in another 13 inch laptop if you wanted to.The front compartment will allow you to organize pens, notebooks, phone, keys, and plenty of other small items in an intuitive and easy-to-view way. In addition, their is a front lower pocket which allows you to throw cables, charging bricks, or other chargers in without much hassle. The two side pockets let you put water bottles, Red Bulls in our case, or an umbrella if you use those.

When I first started using the backpack I expected it to be too small for all my junk to fit in it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found it gave me more then enough room. I’m also never worried about my tablet or laptop because there’s more then enough padding to protect them from anything short of a 9 mm bullet. It also has a water resistant lining to stop water from running your gadgets or anything else stored in your backpack.  The backpack also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which will give those wary of spending almost $100 on a backpack peace of mind, and also speaks to the company’s trust in the durability of their product.

The backpack can take a beating, all while holding your gear in style. I would highly recommend this backpack to anyone who commutes often and needs access to their electronics quickly.  This is a backpack which I would use at events like CES or PAX, because it’s slim and able to hold everything I would need during a conference. It’s also very durable. You can definitely set it down and not worry about the exterior ripping or the contents making that nightmarish crunching sound that we all fear.

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