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Google Interested in Buying Dropcam

Google knows your home is the next frontier for technology, and their purchase of Nest was their first foray into home automation since the since the June 2011 announcement of android@home. Its reported by The Information that Google wants to accelerate its push into the home with Dropcam, a home security camera. It isn’t clear if any talks are taking place or if they have even approached the company yet.

Nest makes thermostats and smoke detectors that can be controlled from your smartphone. Though Nest has had a few bumps with their smoke detectors being recalled because of a dangerous (but quickly corrected) software defect, Dropcam would give Google another consumer-oriented product to build their ecosystem with. It’s also something that many consumers may not want. Home security may be needed, but many might balk at giving Google the go-ahead to have cameras in every room of their house.

Google may be on the offensive because rumors have said that Apple is going to announce a “smart home” software platform at WWDC. This software would allow iPhones to control lights, security systems, fridges, and other hardware, according to the Financial Times. If  this rumor is true, we could see further announcements by Google before WWDC, in order for Google soften the talk about an Apple smart home. Otherwise, expect to see a big announcement at Google I/O 2014, as it was hinted to play a part in the upcoming Google Wear’s functionality.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Google buying Dropcam. Would you want Google in your home, or does need for privacy outweigh the possible benefits?