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YouTube Will Soon Offer Creators More Tools

YouTube has been known for changing things on the site without warning, and many times the  community on the site has expressed frustration with this. Now YouTube wants to make content creators happy with their own set of tools, and possibly even a separate mobile app for these uploaders to manage their channels. Its newest effort to improve the site is the “Creator Preview,” a video teasing upcoming features inspired by the feedback of channel owners. This includes the separate management app/tools, a crowdfunding tool that works directly within the YouTube site, and the ability to crowdsource captions and translate them to over 60 languages.

The ability to contribute money to projects is interesting, considering that many YouTubers use IndieGoGo or Kickstarter for the same purposes. This could be an easier ways for creators to jump start their projects, and make it more accessible for viewers to contribute to their favorite YouTubers fund. The new separate app to manage channels is also a great tool, considering the current YouTube app is mainly geared towards consuming videos and not creating or managing them. Finally YouTube, mentioned captions and subtitles will soon be crowd-sourced for 60-plus languages. This will be helpful if you have an audience outside the U.S., and this is very likely because over 80 percent of YouTube traffic is outside the United States.

While YouTube didn’t say when they would make these tools available, it could be in the near future once they get feedback and see if these tools might interest creators.

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