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Facebook Increases Privacy, Defaults Status Updates to Just Friends

For most, joining Facebook caused your default settings to share your status updates with everyone in the world. Now with a change to default posting settings and the addition of a “Privacy Checkup”, post are now shared only to your friends by default. Facebook may have come to realize that they are not competing with Twitter, but they are competing to keep the site interesting and their users engaged. They already scan everything we share so making the information public won’t make changes their ability to serve ads to the user.

Facebook has also added a “Privacy Checkup” feature, which allows users to see what information apps are using and sharing from your account. It also shows you with whom you are sharing posts. Facebook will also soon add the new “Anonymous Login” feature that was announced at the F8 developer conference. This feature turns Facebook into a single-password solution for app users to create accounts quickly and easily, much like the existing “Connect with Facebook” option so many apps already have.

Overall Facebook is attempting to make privacy a non-issue on the site, but it still has a long road to travel if it plans to convince the people who are die-hard about not sharing their personal info. Now people may be selective to whom they share with on Facebook, and the site will become more useful for connecting with friends and family close and distant.  Why don’t you tell us what you think about Facebook’s change in default privacy features in the comments below?

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