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Secret App Comes to Android

Secret, the semi-anonymous app has expanded from iOS onto Android. The app known for spreading fake tech rumors, trash talking people, and suicidal notes is now available on Android for everyone around the world, which means the apps user base could explode in the coming weeks.

When you first sign up the app scans your contacts to find friends to add, however you won’t know which friends are using the app or how many friends are in your contacts. When you share a secret no one will know that you shared a secret unless you give away something you have told your friends in real life. When you “love” a post it’s shared within your network of friends, but it still stays anonymous. The app gives you a place to vent or tell a secret, and people can then anonymously comment on your secret.

The app has been big around silicon valley, so it should be interesting to see if the app takes off in other cities. The company has also added sharing features that allow you to share secrets to Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS. You can download Secret on Google Play and App Store now.

Are you going to start using Secret now that it’s on Android? If you have an iphone, what are your thoughts on the app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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