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Apple & Google Laying Down the Boxing Gloves?

After years and years of feuding law suits, Apple and Google are working to put away the guns and moving towards a ceasefire. Yesterday, May 16, 2014, Apple and Google complied to dismiss all direct lawsuits targeting each other.

This dismissal of all previous direct patents sounds promising for some big business peace, but it has some contingencies that could lead to further conflict in the future. The agreement states that “Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies.”  The key word here is current. Any future lawsuits, which are certain to come up, are not covered by this agreement. The story of peace that this agreement will hopefully bring can only be told in time. Apple and Google compete in phone sales, music sales, app sales, cloud storage, and more: conflict is bound to erupt. This legal insurance policy against future patent infractions may mean this simply resets the clock on the patent war between the two.

The agreement is  dismissing approximately 20 lawsuits between the two sides and will hopefully initiate future cooperation. Apple and Google are said to be “work(ing) together in some areas of patent reform,” which will hopefully further the entire technology industry for the better. Time will only tell if Apple and Google can hold off from being vicious. The past is resolved, the future is uncertain.

Do you think Apple & Google will play patty-cake off into the sunset together? Or will conflict ensue?

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