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Google Play Now Supports PayPal Payments

Google would love for you to use Google Wallet, but they may have learned shoving services like Google+ in the face of their users isn’t the best way to grow. Starting today you can use PayPal to pay for digital goods such as apps, magazines, movies, and music. PayPal is the most popular way to pay for goods and services online, so it’s only logical for Google to offer it as a way to pay. You are also able to pay with credit/debit, Wallet, and carrier billing options, making Google Play a great place to shop. 

Google’s Android growth has spurred more purchases on the Play store, and Google wants more people buying apps one way or another. With two-thirds of purchases coming from outside the U.S. it’s not hard to see a big reason why PayPal is not being accepted.  

“Our goal is to provide users with a frictionless payment experience, and this new integration is another example of how we work with partners from across the payments industry to deliver this to the user,” said Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Google Play Product Manager.

At first glance this might look like Google is trying to drop Google Wallet, but really they want more people paying for media and apps. This move is also making it easier on developers to take payments of their apps around the world. Do you think you’ll start using PayPal over your debit/credit card, Google Wallet or Carrier billing? I’ve always used a debit/credit card because I don’t purchase any media or apps on the Play store that often. I can’t really see myself using PayPal either, but it’s always nice to have options.

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