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Microsoft Now Offers An Xbox One Bundle Without a Kinect

For better or worse Microsoft is now offering a Xbox One bundle without the Kinect. Along with the company dropping the Kinect their will be a $100 price cut, which brings the Xbox One to $399. If you’re like me Microsoft may have just sold me on the Xbox One now that it doesn’t required a Kinect. The new bundle isn’t on sale just yet, but will be starting on June 9th.

It looked for a while that Microsoft was going to hold their guns and not separate the Kinect and Xbox One. However low sales, and competition from Sony’s PS4 may have swayed Microsoft into offering this to consumers. Since launch, developers haven’t fully taken advantage of  the Kinect being sold with the Xbox One.

With the more attractive price more consumers may pick the Xbox One over the PS4. On Top of this price cut Microsoft also announced you’ll no longer need to pay for Xbox Live inorder to stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Tell us in the comments below what you think about updated price and new rules for Xbox Live.




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