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Netflix Increases Only $1 for Standard Streaming Plan

Netflix, the largest streaming network, confirmed its plans to increase the price of the standard streaming plan. Previously the price was $8 for the standard offering, but now Netflix will add $1 to that which means new customers will pay $9.  While the change is small, the price hike could have impacts on a company in the begin stages of battling a war against ISP and other streaming networks. Any current customers will get a two-year grace period before they have to paythe extra dollar a month.

If you’re a new subscriber you’ll have three different streaming plans, which ever may fit your needs. Here is what Netflix is currently offering;

  • $8 per month – Watch on 1 screen at a time in Standard Definition.
  • $9 per month – Watch on 2 screens at a time. High Definition available.
  • $12 per month – Watch on 4 screens at a time. High Definition available.

The companies original content and ever-growing library of movies and TV series solidify the hold it has on the streaming market. Amazon is attempting to change that with their set-top box, original shows, and very competitive pricing. However, Netflix has become a household name that everyone from college students to the baby boomers reference to watch movies or TV shows.

Netflix isn’t just happy with high definition content, but they have been exploring 4K movies and TV shows. Breaking Bad is next series to get the 4k treatment, but because of the high data usage most users won’t have access to the 4k content. Netflix has a strong hold on the market and they hope to keep it in the years to come, but will price increases like this one scare of new subscribers?

Tell us in the comments below if this increase will cause you to stop paying or do you not mind because of the massive library the service currently has?

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