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Tumblr iOS and Android Gets Major Update

The Tumblr app for iOS and Android has been updated to include the ability to edit your blogs design. You’re able to edit your avatar, header, and other aspects of your blog. This is the biggest update in 5 years, and the first update since Yahoo’s purchase of the company. Tumblr is one of the fastest growing blogging platforms, and Yahoo is making a strong effort to perfect the service for mobile access. Over half of Tumblr users are on the mobile platform, so this seems to be a big step in the right direction..

Tumblr says there are up to 3.3 billion combinations of designs available on mobile, but even who’s counting at that point? The update is amazing considering the last time we saw such a customizable profile was back in the days of MySpace. Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites only let you update status, profile pics, and header images. Tumblr’s core value is to create a internet space that’s truly yours, with your content, and they’ve certainly given you plenty of options to choose from. Finally the mobile app has the same vibe, the one that makes Tumblr great.

The update is now in the Google Play or the App Store for you to change up your mobile design. Tell us in the comments what you think about Tumblr’s/Yahoo’s app update. Are you going to customize your Tumblr or will you leave it how it is right now?

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