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Internet Based Automation IFTTT Comes to Android

IFTTT, also know as If This Then That,been on iOS for a while and now is available on Android for app automation. Download the app now, which includes photo, call, notification, SMS, location and device settings channels specific to Android. The app is more integrated into Android then its integrated into iOS, but that is because Google platform is more open than Apple’s operating system.

IFTTT allows you now to backup text messages to Google Drive, automatically save new screenshots from your phone to Dropbox, and set your phone’s wallpaper to match your most recent Instagram photo, just to name a few of the newest channels. While iPhone users have enjoyed the app since late last summer, Android users will get more flexibility and use from the app.

Use the source link to download the app and start using all the creative recipes for Android. If you come up with any creative and useful recipes please feel free to leave us the link to it below in the comments.

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