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HBO Signs Deal with Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon and HBO announced a deal that would bring older HBO content to Amazon Prime Instant Video. A deal that brings Amazon Prime from being a sub par streaming service to something that many consumers would want. This deal is the first of its kind for HBO, and puts Amazon Prime on an even playing field with Netflix.

The HBO Go app is on its way to Amazon’s Fire TV, which many consumers are cheering for. Now you won’t be watching  Games of Thrones on Amazon just yet, but the deal allows for season older than years old to be shown on the service. You will have access beginning May 21 to complete series of classic HBO shows such as The SopranosThe WireDeadwood,RomeSix Feet Under and more.

Amazon Prime currently cost $99 or $8.25 a month, and Netflix is supposed to raise prices to $8.99 or more this summer. HBO has made signing up for Prime more attractive, along with the free two day shipping, kindle books to borrow, and other Amazon Prime features.

Does HBO shows make you want Amazon Prime more, or do you already have Prime and the HBO shows make you glad you’re already subscribed?