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Leaked icons show major redesign in Android

If you use Google services across different services you may notice that the Google icons are different depending on Chrome OS, web, and Android. The icon refresh will also match what Google has attempted to do with Android and the rest of their metro/flat design across their sites. The look will give users a more fluid look across every platform, along with better branding. It’s unclear if this will be push out in app updates or through a system update. It’s important to note that Google I/O is only a few months away, so we will see a lot of Google and Android rumors in the coming weeks.

The rumor seems to have some weight behind it, and Android Police believe the icons are really going to come. The new Android icons have shown up across Google’s pages, and further the idea these new icons may take over. The ones I find a little off are Hangouts and Maps, which would change the look to be different the ones that are on the web.

Android Icons

The new icons may change before they are pushed out to all Android devices, but so far they look cleaner and fit Google’s recent design choices. While some changes are more subtle than others do you like the changes that may come in the near future? Tell us in the comments below what your thoughts on the icons are.

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