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Amazon plans to introduce a smartphone in September

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to ship a glasses free 3D smartphone this June. In September Amazon will begin shipments of the smartphone. There was no mention of price is this report, but previous rumors had claimed the phone would be sold for free. Amazon’s device will use┬áretina-tracking technology “embedded in four front-facing cameras” to achieve a 3D, hologram-like effect. Other smartphone makers have attempted glasses free 3D, but the phones have never caught on with consumers.

Amazon recently launched the Fire TV which was Amazon push into the living room. The one market Amazon is missing out on is the mobile handset market, but that won’t be for long. The Amazon app store recently surpassed 200,000 in little over a year, and is only the start for the growing market place. Amazon will face stiff competition from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Apple who all have phones either out or coming out in the near future. Amazon will also push their forked version of Android onto more people who will buy the phone for access to Prime content or for the name that Amazon carriers.

Amazon has denied that it will release a free phone, but if it releases an free phone it could bring a lot of customers. The specs haven’t been outlined in any reputable rumors, but its believed HTC will produce multiple Amazon phones in the coming year. Tell us what you think about Amazon releasing a phone, and a glasses free 3D one at that.

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