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Twitter announces new profile layout and new features

Twitter profiles are going to get a make over that makes them look more like Facebook or Google+. The new design will have a larger top banner and have a way to filter tweets with and without  images or videos. This is Twitters attempt at become more mainstream, but at the same time Twitter still is a mobile company.

The new design also adds when you joined Twitter, filters  timelines by tweets, tweets with photos/videos or tweets along with their replies. There are some high profile accounts already with the new design, and gives everyone a taste of the new web experience.

In the coming weeks Twitter will roll out the design to everyone on the web, but for now its only working for a small group of users. I’m wondering what Twitter will do on the mobile experience to bring the profiles on their to look more like the web experience.

The design looks familiar because it looks awfully similar to Facebook, and with the purchase of cover it looks like Twitter wants to be more like Facebook. Twitter wants to grow to become more mainstream and copying others design may make users more comfortable.

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