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FireChat now on Android

FireChat hit iOs only a week or two ago with a brilliant idea to have off the grid conversations. It uses Wifi Direct and Bluetooth to create a mesh network so the people nearby can communicate even without a cellular connection. The only throwback is there is no private messaging  within the app just a mass message board like an IRC message board. This is not a new idea, but the first app to really introduce this to the masses in such a way.

The same developers of the app have also been working on other ideas similar to the app some of include a mesh network to share wifi from PC’s and mobile phones. These mesh networks have been some talk about using mesh networks to share connections and to exclude wireless carriers from making big bucks. The app is just tip of the iceberg and the developers have a lot of work ahead of them.

FireChat is available for free in the Google Play store. Even if this doesn’t sound like a messaging app that you would use the idea is interesting.  Tell us in the comments below if you would use this while camping or when your off the grid.


4 responses to “FireChat now on Android”

  1. I’ve downloaded the app but still no one yet to talk to around where I live yet (I guess the time of night doesn’t help!) It could do with better security but it’s still in early footsteps

    • I have yet to find someone to talk to through the app. I have tried to talk my friends into it but no one wants to use it. Security could be a problem but I doubt people are worried about it.